Thursday, March 31, 2011

Frazetta Study In Pen and Ink

Some proportions issue and those light ink marks i couldn't achieve but i'll do better next time getting used to it.

Figure Drawing from John English Class

Pastel drawing the purpose of this sort of vision is not the details but about shape, composition and how light hits the form.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Value Scale Assignment from Light and Form class.

A perfect value scale and approved by my instructor Dorian Iten. :)

Abstract Emotion from Composition & Color Theory.

An abstract emotion graphic design playing with black and white composition. Jason Manley one of our instructor in Composition class gave us an assignment was a great learning experience in this work.

Master Copy Of Fechin.

In our media1 class we are suppose to learn a technique from the masters and our instructor wants us to learn from Fechin work this dude is a badass in mark making but i haven't even reach close to his awesomeness.

My journey in TAD begins 2011

It's been a month so far and the journey in TAD has been great and amazing The Foundations 1 semester is giving me so much information and i'm learning alot thanks to such a great instructors who are so eager to teach their students. I'm super busy and keep my blog updated.